IPA Time

So much gunk at the bottom of the brew kettle.

So much gunk at the bottom of the brew kettle.

I enjoy IPAs quite a bit.  Around here, it is pretty easy to find a decent amount of solid IPAs — There is probably a better selection of IPAs than any other style of beer right now.  That is probably the reason that I don’t brew IPAs very often.  There are so many choices already, why not brew a beer style that is a bit harder to find?  In the past couple months I’ve had Lagunitas IPA, Full Sail IPA, Dogfish Head 60 min IPA, Goose Island IPA, and probably a couple others that I can’t remember.  Even with all these great choices around, I decided to brew only my second IPA ever. 

One of the reasons I decided on an IPA was the fact that I recently got to order a bunch of hops from Grain to Glass Homebrew since they had a free shipping deal going on.  I now had a bunch of Willamette and Cascade hops and needed to find something to do with them.  After a bit of scouring I found a recipe online that was predominantly hopped with Cascade and Willamette hops.  A perfect match, it seemed, and I’m actually somewhat excited for this one.  I usually brew less hoppy beers and had forgot how much of a mess the extra plant fiber can leave at the bottom of the brew kettle.  I think I was rather careful in transferring the wort to the carboy, but there is still a lot of trub at the bottom.  A blowoff tube was necessary as the Wyeast 1272 seemed to be having a vigorous fermentation.  A couple more days and I’ll dry hop this in secondary.

I’m also experimenting right now with a way to keep the fermentation temperature a bit lower than room temperature.  I have the carboy in a small insulated box with ice packs that I change every few hours.  So far it seems to keep the temperature about 5 degrees cooler than inside the room and that’s just about perfect for this.  The beer smells great and I’m excited to get to try this in a month or so.


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